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  • Can I charge an electric car

    This facility does not have charging equipment for electric vehicles.
    The nearest rechargeable facility is here.

    【Nagasaki Toyota Motor ShContinue reading
  • It is inconvenient that the electricity in the guest room does not work when you are not in the guest room.

    When you enter the room, there is a keyhole next to the entrance, so insert the key there and turn it to turn on the power to the room.
    (We Continue reading
  • There is no desk lamp at the bedside

    Please note that the power is supplied from the outlet near the bed, so it will not turn on if you unplug it.

    Please ask the front desk forContinue reading
  • Is payment at check-in or out?

    Basically payment at check-in.
  • Do you have baby/kids products?

    Baby and children's goods are not available or sold.
  • Can I add a towel

    Unfortunately we can not accept towels.
    Please dry your towels and use again.
  • Do you have a large size room

    Indoor gowns are one size. Please note.
  • Do you have women's room wear

    There is no special interior garment for women.
    The indoor wear (gown) prepared in advance in the guest room is for both men and women.
  • Can I change the size of the indoor wear?

    Indoor arrival is one size.Please note.
  • The refrigerator doesn't work

    Power may not be in the room.
    When you enter the room, there is a keyhole next to the entrance, so insert the key into it and turn it to turContinue reading
  • Is there drinking water?

    You can use it for drinking toilet water.
    Or we sell mineral water at the vending machine on the 1st floor, please purchase there.
  • Do you have a hotel brochure?can you send me

    Brochures for this facility are available in the lobby.
    Please take one.

    If you would like to send by mail or email, please contact one of Continue reading
  • Do you have elevators

    Yes, we have one.
    Access to all floors.
  • Is there a hanger?

    Yes.All rooms are available in clothes hangers.
  • Can I use foreign home appliances in my guest room?

    Foreign home appliances may be used in guest rooms, but conversion plugs or transformers may be required.(There are no rentals)
  • Do you have stationery

    Yes.All rooms are equipped with note paper and ballpoint pens.
  • Is there a glass?

    Yes.As a tea set, all rooms have cups for the number of people.
  • How is the view from the room?

    On the upper floors, some rooms offer ocean and mountain views.
  • What kind of rooms are the rooms?

    There are single, double, twin, and deluxe twins.
    Please see this page for details.
  • Are the rooms barrier-free?

    It is not completely barrier-free.
    There is a step in bathroom · toilet.
  • Is it possible to eat in the room?

    No.In-room meals are not available.
  • Is there room service

    There is no room service preparation, but we have a mini shop corner on the first floor.
    In addition, supermarket convenience store is locatContinue reading
  • Is there an extra bed?

    Unfortunately there is no extra bed available.
    When you need a bed please make a reservation for additional rooms.
  • Can I call an outside line from the room

    You can use.There is a charge.
    Payment will be upon checkout.

    For local and long distance calls, press 0 before you press the destination Continue reading
  • Can I make international calls from my room

    I'm sorry.Not available.
  • Can I rent more than one room key

    I'm sorry.
    The room key is one.
  • The electricity in my room doesn't come on, what should I do?

    There is a keyhole near the entrance of the room, so insert the key there and turn it to turn on the power to the room.(We will explain at cContinue reading
  • Do you have extra blankets?

    We have a limited number, but we are preparing.
    Please ask the front desk when using.
  • Is the bathroom in the guest room separate from the bath and toilet?

    Single, twin, deluxe twin, and double rooms are in the same room.
    The Japanese-style room is a separate room.
  • Can you open the window in the guest room?

    Some rooms have a limited opening distance, but all rooms can be opened and closed.
    However, we do not recommend it because insects come in.Continue reading

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