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Accommodation Features·Facility

In-house drawing

Hotel Facilities

The common department in this facility is completely smoke-free.
You can smoke only in the smoking area / smoking room at the entrance.
  • Restaurant

    Breakfast time

    7: 00 to 9: 00(Last entry 8: 45)
  • Mini shop corner

    Front desk front.
    We sell a bit of candy, snacks, cup noodles etc.

    We also distribute brochures and maps.
  • Parking

    Large parking lot complete!
    Available for free.

    ●Outdoor parking lot ... Approximately 32 units | Large vehicles allowed(Important inquiry)
    ●Underground carpark … Approximately 4 units | Open only if you wish to use | Be careful of steep slopes and vehicle height

    ※If you are visiting by bus, truck or large vehicle, please contact us in advance.(Parking fee may be charged or parking may not be possible)

Floor guide

6th floor

Rooms 601 to 609

5th floor

Rooms 501 to 509

4th floor

Rooms 401 to 409

3rd floor

Rooms 301 to 309

Second floor

Rooms 201 - 206

1st floor

Lobby | Front desk | Restaurant | Shop corner | Soft drink / alcohol vending machine | Toilet | Smoking corner(Outside the entrance)


Underground carpark